Buying a Print

If you're interested in purchasing one of the pictures on this site, email me the title of the photo here, or click on the link on the photo. I have not included prices for the photographs because there are many variables, such as finish, mount types, shipping costs, etc, that determine the overall price.
Most photographs may be resized as long as the proportions are similar to the original.  The resolution of certain photos may limit how large they can be resized, or if they can be resized at all.  Professional equipment is used but the resolution may be limited by the type of camera used and by the available light and conditions when the photo was taken.

Different finishes are available from glossy to matt. I normally have my photos mounted on backing and printed by professional printers on archival quality paper with a standard photographic finish that adds a rich sheen to the prints and protects against fingerprints and UV exposure.  

Canvas wraps and aluminum prints are available. The metal prints are striking, durable and are ready to display with they arrive.

Cost estimate examples:

1 - 11X14 print, mounted on standard weight backing, with coating and shipping may cost approximately:   $40.00

1- 11X14 Aluminum print, with mounting backing and shipping may cost approximately:  $80.00

Contact me here and we will work out the details and prices for the items you are interested in.

Steve Wentworth


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