About Steve Wentworth

I am a long-time resident of Alameda and a native New Mexican. I try to make time for my photography between working on community issues and managing my property. I have shared my work with different government and environmental groups who use some of my work for educational purposes. I learn something every time I take out my gear. 

I do some event work but I primarily like to do wildlife and environmental work to document what I see in an area. Almost 95% of my photography is done in New Mexico and much within a 25 mile radius of Albuquerque. I try to capture the detail and beauty of the living environment as I experience it. I reproduce the image in a natural manner while trying to bring out the detail and color that is already there. All of the animals photographed were free and wild and in natural light. I am always amazed at what we can see if we only take the time to be still and look around.

Note:  Please contact me here if you are interested in different New Mexico wildlife that is not shown on the site, I may have examples available. The site will change as time allows. My archive of photos is very large and only a few examples used for a recent show were included on this website.  

Other examples of my work can be seen on the Sierra Club, Rio Grande Chapter’s website:


I have allowed the Sierra Club to use over a thousand different photos for their proactive purposes in protecting our environment. (Non-commercial uses)

Thank you for your interest.




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